View Full Version : Window Shift problem in Qt4.3.4

5th July 2010, 06:37

We are using Qt 4.3.4 for MacOSX.

We are creating one Application for Hard Drives. This will show All partition and free space exists within this HardDisk. For example If My HardDisk contains Three Paritions and Three FreeSpace Immediately after Partition then We want to create Widget/Any other Window to show all this Info in Rectangle Manner. And This Partition Rectangle should be movable to one another. If any partition move on previous window then previous windows area should be decreased and after partition another window area should be increased. It should be user friendly.

We have attatched one screenshot so that you can understand to see it in better way.

1. Upper Image of Screenshot tell that it contains Three Volumes/Partition and 4 Free Spaces with their size. Actually this is the standard decoration of Partition of HardDisk in MacOS File System. In the next iteration We shift the Volume 3 over left Window and Left Window size is decreasing and Right window size is increasing.

2. Lower window show the final Window decoration after shifting.

That is the complete requirement of our Application. But problem is that we are not understanding that which widget/window we will use or can we use Splitter or DockWindow or using paintEvent.

We are confused that how can we develop such type of Application.

Plz Help me to resolve this problem.