View Full Version : ui/ui_fhelp.h Error 1? Why?

5th July 2010, 16:50
Hi all,

I'm a newcomer of Qt Creator.. Currently, i'm trying Accordeur project from sourgeforge.net.. i downloaded the source code from url: http://sourceforge.net/projects/accordeur/files/accordeur/accordeur 1.0.2/accordeur-1.0.2.src.tar.gz/download , and run+compile it using Qt 4.7/Qt Creator 2.0 WITHOUT making any changes to the code...

However, I encountered an ERROR: [ui/ui_fhelp.h] Error 1

Could any body try this source code? Do you experience the same problem?

Could any master Qt help me to solve this problem?



5th July 2010, 17:09
i experienced an error compiling this project with visual studio too. It seems to come from the fhelp.ui file

Here is my error :

1>UIC fhelp.ui
1>uic: Error in line 50, column 94 : Unexpected attribute colspan
1>File 'fhelp.ui' is not valid

this fhelp.ui file doesn't have right format (at least with the Qt 4.6.2 i'm using)
Try to find if colspan has ever been a valid attribute

17th July 2010, 14:16
I don't know that this is good or bad.

Open fhelp.ui with your text editor(with line number support) not Qt Designer.
Go to line 50 and modify this line:

<widget class="QTextBrowser" name="TBHelp" row="1" column="0" rowspan="1">

<widget class="QTextBrowser" name="TBHelp">