View Full Version : QFileSystemModel update problem for shared network (samba) location

6th July 2010, 13:56
I'm using QFileSystemModel and QTreeView to display files tree from a shared network location (Samba).


The code works fine and I got the file tree. However, it can not automatically pick up the changes there. For example, if I create a new file there, the tree don't display this new file.

When I set the path to a directory on local hard drive, like "D:/temp". It works. It picks up the changes and update itself.

Any idea how can I pick up changes from a shared network location and refresh the model/tree?

16th July 2010, 16:17
You could trigger the refresh manually if you changed something on the fs (assuming to change comes not from "outside")

16th July 2010, 20:14
It doesn't work on networked file systems as it has no way of knowing when something has been changed. On a local file system, the OS will inform if something changes as all file i/o go through the OS.