View Full Version : Weird behavior under Ubuntu Gnome

6th July 2010, 14:26
Hi, I compiled one of my applications on Ubuntu 10.4 with the aptitude Qt installation e.g. the one that is installed with
$sudo apt-get install qt4

Under KDE the application runs just fine, but under Gnome it exhibits some weird behavior.

I'm using a laptop with 12" screen, the resolution is 1280x800, and the main window with all the toolbars and docks does not fit(something I still need to adjust).

On KDE it will display a portion of the window and let you work with the application, but on Gnome, whenever I click on the application window it makes the main window jump between two postitions:
1) top-right corner in the top-right corner of the desktop area (bottom-left corner of the app is not visible)
2) bottom-left corner in the bottom-left corner of the desktop are (top-right corner is not visible)
The mouse click is eventually processed, but after the window jump, so I cant click anything reliably.

Then I downloaded and compiled qt myself - did not help.

What might cause this kind of problems?