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11th July 2010, 03:40
hi. im not a good english speaker or writer. im from venezuela.

but im here, because i need to know what i have to do to:
1. recize all the content of my app when users use the recize option of the default window.
see this pic, for more details:sreenshot (http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/6/13/1173901/recize%20content.JPG)
2. if i can not do it, how can i disable that option of the window. made it invisible, inexistent, delete it!
3. what is the way of recize the content of my app with the window maximize button.

here is my proyect( if u need code):
Ventas_tarjetas.rar (http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/6/13/1173901/Ventas_tarjetas.rar)

sorry for my english!!

and thanks for the answers!

11th July 2010, 03:48
Ok, what you need to learn to use is Qt's grid system. This will automatically resize and fit the application. Look for the button that looks like 3x3 squares.

Better yet: focus on your whole dialog, and press Ctrl+G. Right click on the part you don't want and click on Remove.

11th July 2010, 07:32

first, please attach your images direct at the forum that your post stays consistent and also please use the default font.

#1: Catchword "Layout". Look in the documentation for "Layout Management".
#2: See QStatusBar::sizeGripEnabled

#3: See #1

12th July 2010, 04:00
thanks to all u. i.ve done what the first answers says and...i realize that the status bar was my problem. i dont need it...by know.
furthermore, i didnt know that the status bar was an object apart with it own metods.

thnks to the second reply for remember the rules (i didnt on purpose). and for his answers...i will read the documentation about status bar.

thanks all you again, my problem is solved!!!