View Full Version : Costomize the Address Book Example.

14th July 2010, 19:51
i am now going over the Address Book Example (http://www.qtforum.org/index.php?page=ExternalLink&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpepper.troll.no%2Fs60prereleases% 2Fdoc%2Fitemviews-addressbook.html) .
and i wonted to ask how can i change the items in the linst to be checkable with CheckBox on the left side?

Couldn't find the information on the net.


15th July 2010, 00:30
You have to alter the model. You have to tell, that it has 3 instead of 2 columns and then give back a bool value for your first column (= left one). That it is displayed as a checkbox you might have to create your own delegate.