View Full Version : How to do this QtSDK + Mac QTKit.framework?

14th July 2010, 22:33

I have a program that is written in Qt4.6.3.
I need to capture webcam video stream and feed this video stream into my QT app.

I wrote a QT static library and it calls win32 VFW (or DirectShow) APIs to get webcam video stream. And my QT app will link against this QT static library. It works well on win32 machines.

However, I need this app running on Mac OS too.

So, I use the same QT app code. But for the lower level QT static library, how do I call QTKit APIs? QTKit.framework is actually a cocoa framework and I should write a objective-c code.


19th July 2010, 19:19
Since no one answer my question, I already found a solution.

First, I created a static cocoa library from Xcode, and including QTKit.framework.
Then, my .pro file of my QT app needs to include this static lib.
The still unknown part is I need to call functions between QT C++ app and cocoa static lib (objective-c++) in two ways.
The unknown part is I know I can do that when I writing C code in app and objective-c code in cocoa. But, I don't know how to do that in C++/Objective-C++.