View Full Version : Issues with QGraphicsView show() called from function other than main()

15th July 2010, 08:50

I am using QGraphicsView (which has QGraphicsScene containing the widgets) for my UI. In main() I create QGraphicsView object and set the scene and add widgets to it. Then I call show() on QGraphicsView. This setup works fine.
Now I move the QGrahicsView and related setup to a separate class and expose a function loadUI() which will be called from the main() to load the UI. When I call loadUI(), the UI come for a fraction of section and then goes away. The application is still running but no UI.

What is wrong with my new setup?


15th July 2010, 09:16
Sounds like you're creating your QGraphicsScene in your class function. Once the function terminates, local variables are destroyed, along with your scene.

Code would be helpful.

15th July 2010, 10:00
Ahh very basic principle of object lifetime. Thanks for pointing that out. I verified, and that was the only issue.