View Full Version : Interrupting script evaluation of QScriptEngine

15th July 2010, 15:38
Hello everyone,

I'm using the scripting functionality of Qt. This works quite fine so far.
However I have currently the problem that I need to interrupt the script evaluation,
when a certain slot of my C++ class is called from script space.

The slot ist used to show some kind of popup, and my application ist required to
wait with further script evaluation until the popup is closed by the user.

I have currently tried to realise this behaviour by attaching a QScriptEngineDebugger to my engine
without showing the debugger gui. In the slot which shows the popup I call the InterruptAction
of the debugger. After the popup was closed I call the ContinueAction.

Well this works sometimes but not always, most likely since the script was further evaluated before
my poup slot could be called. Does anyone know a proper working way how I could get this done?