View Full Version : Qt Creator Custom Widget Weirdness

15th July 2010, 21:36
I have been working on a Qt jukebox project for several months now. In the beginning, I created several custom widgets like special buttons, album display widgets, etc. I had some problems in the beginning getting the custom widgets to appear in Qt Creator. I solved it but it was six months ago and I forgot what I did. Now I am getting similar issues. As the project was nearing completion, i noticed some issues with the layout handling of the custom widgets when the form was being resized. I went into the projects for the widgets, made the necessary changes, and re-compiled. Compilation went fine, nor problems there. I then copied over the .so files to my bin/designer directory. The widgets no longer appear in Qt Creator. I backed up my original .so files, just in case, and if I copy those back into the bin/designer directory, those appear fine the next time I open Qt Creator. Any ideas? I will be happy to post any project files or other code here that would help anyone come up with an answer. Some info on my development platform.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10
QT 4.6.2
Qt Creator 1.3