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24th July 2010, 17:19

do you guys know of any tutorial on DSP (digital signal processing) using Qt creator?

Thank you

24th July 2010, 18:34
What do you want to do or achieve?

Signal processing is a very wide target. Can you be more specific?
Do you want to do something with audio or video? Or do you want to analyze some data (like a multi meter for example?) Or something else?

The principle remains the same though, you have a data set (in some form or another) and you apply some mathematics on it. This can be done with most if not any programming language. What do you expect from QtCreator?

24th July 2010, 19:49
I would like to process audio. But first I need to capture it using the microphone. Do you know of any good tutorial on audio programming using Qt creator? ´


24th July 2010, 20:42
You can use GStreamer or Xine or ... or any other multimedia library to get input from the microphone.
I'm not sure if Phonon can do that at the moment.

Once you get a buffer with the microphone, you can do some processing which is just doing some math (check google for mathematic routines to normalize the audio or add echo etc...)

There is however QtMultimedia, but I don't know its status or if it will be available on the desktop.

The source code of QtMultimedia is free of course, so you can check it out to see how Nokia does this.