View Full Version : How to show my .html documents on the main window at Qt help collection file(.qhc)

29th July 2010, 08:15
I use Qt assistant as a custom help wiever.i write the .qhp an .qhcp files then i create the binary collection file. when i try to run that file with the write
'assistant -collectionFile mycollection.qhc'
at the command line it runs and starts the help collection file but Qt assistant can't find my html documents.It cannot find the way.
for example Qt assistant search the document at 'qthelp://tey/hey/ScenarioCreation.html' adress;and i couldn't change the adress however my html file is at the 'C:\Users\User\Desktop\salamura\help\ScenarioCreat ion.html'.

so where can i write my .html documents' adress at .qhcp or .qhp file;for find and show them at main window???????