View Full Version : VS Integration plugins not visible

11th August 2006, 09:17

I have Qt 4.1.4 installed and 1.1.3 VS integration.
My plugins are not visible in VS integration although i have them in the integration plugin folder. They are visible in the designer.

Where is here the problem?

11th August 2006, 22:22
From calling Qt tech support:
"There is an issue with the Qt 4.1.4 and the integration 1.1.3 that it is not able to load the plugins inside the integration, which are built with Qt 4.1.4.
Workaround: Replace the Qt libraries located in the "bin" directory of the integration installation directory with Qt 4.1.4 libraries. Plugins compiled against those libraries will then work fine.
You should replace the Qt dll's in C:\Program Files\Trolltech\Qt VS Integration\bin with the Qt 4.1.4 ones in the Qt\4.1.4\bin.
Note: Take the backup of all the old dll's in the integration\bin directory."