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7th August 2010, 00:52
Hello you all!
I read about Singletton Pattern in this post:

But if I'd like to use it to store a global variable (yes, I need it because I cannot pass it as an argument of function or other things like this) should I add only the variable in the class? as a static member?

7th August 2010, 05:06

if you want to use the singleton patters use the last version from our wiki with the mutex locker. Then best practice is to add a local private variable and use a getter and setter function. Also a public static const default variable is useful if you store user settings with QSettings.

If you want to store a non changeable variable, i would just define a global variable without the singleton pattern.


7th August 2010, 09:21
and how should I declare and define a global variable? in one-file-projects you can declare a variable out of the main after the #include (it's so ugly but it's possible). for multi-file-projects where do I put global variable declaration?

7th August 2010, 09:25
The most obvious things are the hardest to figure out. That's because we puny humans always think too far.

Just create a header file like mySuperDuperGlobalVariables.h
Then include the header where you need it.
Don't forget to include it once (use #ifndef, #define, ...)

7th August 2010, 09:31
Shall I add "static" to the variables so that all instances of them will edit the same phisical variable?

7th August 2010, 09:37
Just create a normal header file and include it in every file where you need that global variables. (Using namespaces is also a good choice to group your variables!)

namespace ArtisticStyle
namespace Constants
// Predefined Style Options
const char* const ASP_STYLE = "style";
const int ASP_STYLE_DEF = -1;

// Tab and Bracket Options
const char* const ASP_INDENT = "indent";
const bool ASP_INDENT_DEF = true;
const char* const ASP_INDENTSTYLE = "indentStyle";
const char* const ASP_INDENTSTYLE_DEF = "spaces";
const char* const ASP_INDENTSIZE = "indentSize";
const int ASP_INDENTSIZE_DEF = 2;
const char* const ASP_BRACKETS = "brackets";
const bool ASP_BRACKETS_DEF = true;
const char* const ASP_BRACKETSSTYLE = "bracketsStyle";

// [...]


7th August 2010, 09:37
static and editing very rarely go together in one sentence.
Except when pointing out that static is static and can't be edited.

static int myStaticInt = 5;
cout << "my static int =" << myStaticInt;

That's all you can do with a static variable.