View Full Version : Hello fellow newbies..

15th August 2010, 17:00
I have been out of the programming arena for about 12 years and decided to start playing in the sand box again.... QT looks like it's going to be fun!

First and foremost I'm just looking to learn... so I'll spend a lot of time reading and trying tutorials.... maybe even buy a book from chapters....

I would eventually like to write a small application that's web enabled to be used for scheduling appointments for oil changes with a database that will hold the customer information. Then who know's what I'll do after that!

I look forward to learning from all of your posts!


15th August 2010, 19:39
For the database, I'd research something like sqlite (http://www.sqlite.org/) rather than rolling your own. Once you have a database, then I'd start designing the GUI to access that database, but this would be an application rather than web-based.

If it's web based your after, Qt isn't really the right thing to use (although it is of course possible). I'd use PHP with a MySQL backend. Other people use ASP or PERL, or one of the many other languages for web development.