View Full Version : Installing Qt 4.1.4 (open source) on windows with vs2005

16th August 2006, 11:21
Hi! I have just started with Qt or rather I'm trying to start.

I have some installation problems and integration problems with vs2005 that i really would appriciate some help with.

I have tried two diffrent tutorials, both found here:

In the first one one, the one where you have to patch the source code, I can get vs to compile my project but I cant get the intellisense in vs to work since I have to use a makefile project and according to the vs help some special settings is needed when using this.
Does anyone know how to fix that?
The other problem is that I dont know how to compile the qt designer and integrate that into vs if possible.

In the other tutorial, the pdf in the bottom, I have tried two different ways.
When I tried to follow it using the make command I had to do it from the vs promt (start->programs->vs->vs tools->vs command promt). Qt compiled ok but when I tried compiling the "hello word" example vs says that make is not an internal or external command.
Whats wrong? The tutorial says that dusing the installation of qt it will make a "batch file that wraps mingw32-make" for the make command but this doesnt seam to work.
What does that mean? How do I solve it?
So in my second attemt I compiled Qt typing "mingw32-make" in the regular command prompt and it worked ok. But when I try to compile in vs it says that there is nothing to be done and that it get some errors from the compiler.

Has anyone got the integration with vs to work, compilation, intellisense, designer?
I really need all the help I could get, im fresh to qt and have not used to compiling source code and so on.


19th August 2006, 12:22
Full integration of Qt4 OS edition with VS is not possible. You can only make a custom build architecture for MinGW, but it's better to look at some VS forums on how to make a custom build architecture.