View Full Version : Creating a STANDALONE aplication

16th August 2006, 22:27
hi what's new? i desing an application using QT libraries an a KDevelop on FEDORA CORE 4 now a i want to create some kind of .exe for linux i mean i wanna make my application independent from any linux distribution where using my application i read something about an STANDALONE application and makefile command but i really dont know
if anyone could help me please

16th August 2006, 22:33
It won't be that easy:


BTW. Is it a KDE-based application or a pure Qt one?

17th August 2006, 03:43
its a kde based application i will check those hypervin but if you could tell me more about it please

17th August 2006, 15:23
its a kde based application
In that case the simpliest solution is to distribute the source code and binary packages for most popular distributions. Each Linux distribution has its own policies and may use different versions of libraries, so one executable might not run on all of them (not mentioning that Linux runs on many different platforms).

17th August 2006, 16:02
Man thanks a lot for that information it was reallu really very useful to me