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24th January 2006, 13:57
Hello everybody,

QT = 3.4
Compiler: MINGW

I am working with a library "qwt". The Designer oweright every changes my .pro file and i have to write everytime in the .pro file : "LIBS += -lqwt" again ;(
Its possible to make this work easier?I would like to say just once wich library i am using ;)


24th January 2006, 14:16
Do you edit your .pro file while Designer is running?

Try adding that library through "Project Settings" (right-click on the .pro file in "Project Overview").

24th January 2006, 15:07
hi jacek,

Yes while running the designer.
It looks to work now by adding the library in the"project properties" ;)
thank you!

24th January 2006, 15:46
Yes while running the designer.
Next time close it before altering the .pro file by hand.

25th January 2006, 07:55
Hi jacek,
Yes i will do that ;)

Jacek, i am using 2 libs "qwt.lib and "fmodex.lib".
So i have to include both libs in the Projet Settings. QT Designer is not able to include the both..he takes allways just the first lib from .pro file:

Here for example i can choose in the designer just fmodex.lib. And the second line will deleted :confused:

win32:LIBS += fmodex.lib
win32:LIBS += qwt.lib

How could i use both, or how to add both libs in the Project Settings?Its possible?

25th January 2006, 08:22
Did you try
win32:LIBS += fmodex.lib qwt.lib
Your way should work though

25th January 2006, 08:26
hi yop ;)
It works like you sad...
thank you and have a nice day ;)