View Full Version : Qt 4/ Qt 3 on HP-UX

23rd August 2006, 15:05
hi all,

If any of you guys have used Qt 4 on HP-UX would you please let me know. I am not sure
whether Qt 4/Qt 3 is supported on HP-UX.

Thanks in advance,

23rd August 2006, 15:14
HP-UX is supported according to this (http://www.trolltech.com/trolltech/developer/notes/supported_platforms).

Chicken Blood Machine
23rd August 2006, 18:38
I have built and used Qt3 on HPUX many times.

The last time I built Qt4 (4.1.2) on HPUX, the main libraries built, but QUnit failed with some minor template compilation errors.

I informed Trolltech, but I'm not sure if they fixed it.