View Full Version : mouseMoveEvent problem in QGraphicsView/QGraphicsScene

22nd September 2010, 17:43
I'm having an issue with QGraphicsScene (on Linux) not catching mouse move events when the mouse button is pressed. Instead, it appears to be sending the event to the window manager and just dragging the entire window, instead of allowing the QGraphicsScene to process the event. I reimplemented the QGraphicsScene::event() function to print out the name of the event that happens to the console, and it doesn't even seem to be seeing it. It will catch the event where the mouse button is pressed, but then move events go to the window manager.

Any idea why this might happen?


22nd September 2010, 18:19
Did you install an event filter?

22nd September 2010, 19:24
No. Do I need to?

23rd September 2010, 06:26
Try installing one on the scene and see if you can get the mouse move events.