View Full Version : Copy/Paste Issues in Solaris 10

22nd September 2010, 17:49
I have a system running Solaris 10 with 4 independent desktops. The machine has 4 video cards, each one running one monitor, and each monitor being an independent desktop (meaning I can't drag windows from one monitor to another, and changing to Desktop 2 on one monitor only affects that one monitor and so on). I am running Qt 4.5.1.

I have created a text editing program that is having issues with copying and pasting. When I run the program on the first screen, everything works fine, I can copy/paste locally and from one instance of the application to another. When I run instances on monitors 2-4, I have issues. I can copy/paste from one instance to another until I perform a copy in that instance, then whenever I paste it always pastes whatever it last copied, not what I last copied.

For example, I copy text from the editor on screen 2 and I can copy it to the editor on screen 3. Then when I copy text from screen 3 and paste it in screen 2, screen 2's editor pastes what my first copy from screen 2, not screen 3's copy. Now if I copy frmo screen 2 again and paste into screen 3, screen 3 pastes what it last copied, not what screen 2 copies. An instance on screen 1 properly pastes the last thing I copied, no matter what instance the copy and pastes have occurred in. Even after I copy in screen 1, it still pastes what I copy from the other instances.

I have tried both copying and pasting from the Clipboard and the Selection Clipboard and they both behaved identically. All I am trying to do is text, so I have not worried about MIME data even though I have tried that, too. I am just grabbing the text from the QTextEdit and and putting the HTML of the QTextEditor into the clipboard and then grabbing it from the clipboard when I paste so my formatting (i.e. Bold, Italic, ...) is maintained.

Any other ideas on what I can try? Thanks for your help!