View Full Version : Nokia Push Burton - we're looking for a C++/Qt Developer who loves snowboarding..

22nd September 2010, 17:25
Hi guys,

My name's Matt and I work as the Community Manager for the Nokia Push projects.

We've just announced a partnership with the world's largest snowboard company, Burton Snowboards, to create a new type of 'connected snowboarding' and we're looking to hire one or two rockstar developers.

We'll be capturing live data from a variety of sensors on the Burton pro-riders and then analyzing, collating and visualizing it, to provide insight into the pro-riders and also give the public a chance to ride like the pros further down the line.

The reason I'm posting is to see if any of you Qt developers might be interested in applying. We're looking to find a C++/QT rockstar developer in the next couple of weeks to join and work alongside the Push team. Working with our R&D team to bring the Push Burton concept to life in time for the European Snowboard Open in January, followed by additional development and then a beta release at the US Open in March, where we'll be streaming their visualizations across the web and hopefully TV feeds, meaning that the audience could be into the millions!

Below are links to the Push Burton site, developer brief download and also the YouTube upload of the announcement film.

Push Burton: http://blogs.nokia.com/pushburton
Developer Brief: http://blogs.nokia.com/pushburton/submit
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiCv_7RxBh8

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you wish to find out more, either by email or by posting in the comments below. And if this isn't something that suits you, but might someone you know, please feel free to share the brief amongst fellow developers.