View Full Version : Connecting to an infra-rouge device

24th September 2010, 09:27
Hello everyone,
I'm developping a Qt Application witch must detect all infra-rouge devices and connect to one of them.
I've searched by not found anything helping.
So, I'll be very thankful to anyone can tell me how to do and give an idea how I must to proceed.
Many thanks in advance.
Best Regards

24th September 2010, 13:59
What is a infra-rouge device?

24th September 2010, 14:17
IR (Infra-Red) like in the remote of your TV I guess.

On Windows this is probably done by installing a device driver and using the API of the driver. (Microsoft IrDA?)
The same on Linux I guess. Some IR functionality is already built in the kernel I think.

24th September 2010, 17:29
Thanks for replying, yes I mean infra-red device.
Can you tell me how to detect such device with Qt ?
Best regards.

24th September 2010, 17:43
I don't know but you can have a look at Qt Mobility Project and see if it supports ir.