View Full Version : Subclassing QPropertyAnimation update/setCurrentTime wont update currentValue

25th September 2010, 05:03
Something very weird is happening. Normally I used the method setCurrentTime and I would get the currentValue of a referenced QPropertyAnimation automatically updated.

Now, I have subclassed the QPropertyAnimation class to do some custom time management but neither the updateCurrentTime or setCurrentTime are updating the currentValue of the animation. Don't really know what I'm missing...

Would I need to emit some special signal or something?

Help is much appreciated.

25th September 2010, 09:17
Can you post the code?

29th September 2010, 18:44
So this was a really wasted post. The reason it was not changing is because I had some logic wrong (typo), In a really fast copy paste action I was asigning the startValue equal to the endValue. Sorry for that.