View Full Version : ArcBall Camera in OpenGL

25th September 2010, 15:58
Hello All.

I am busy with a project which is due in a couple of days (2 to be exact)

forgive me if I seem abit off in this post ive been coding like crazy and im stuck on a certain point in my project.

So I have rendered a model in OpenGL through a QGraphicsScene. the last few bits of this project require me to implement arcball navigation through my OpenGL Scene

I have read NeHe's ArcBall tutorial but it seems rather complicated to me, does anyone have any Qt examples that i can look at?


26th September 2010, 14:50
It's a bit ugly, but you can look at the boxes demo (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/demos-boxes.html). If thats what you are looking for, the (spheric) trackball.h/cpp + scene.cpp might be worth a look.