View Full Version : GDB failed to start due to wrong pythongdb apth

5th October 2010, 14:19
In my Qt mobile app, I get the error "Unable to start gdb: C:\NokiaQtSDK/Pythongdb/ file.exe". Actually "NokiaQTSDK" was the old installation folder and I now have the new installation folder with different name. But it seems the gdb path was set to the old path and I don't know where to change this path. I checked the qtcreator.ini file, but it has everything correct. I found the similar post (http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/34702-Error-running-sample-wrong-path-for-pythongdb) in this forum but couldn't get much help so I am posting it here again.

I am thankful for any help.

Thank You,