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31st August 2006, 14:13
hello all,
I need a panel with lots of widgets in a grid. Each vertical column will have onyl one type of widget(QComboBox, or QLabel) for instance, but every column is different.
Each row will contain several different widgets (QComboBox and QLabel and .. etc.)
So far, no problem. But I'd like now let the user rearrange them. I.e. click-dragging on a column he/she can change the column order and dragging a row up/down repositions the row.
Is there an 'standard' way of doing this? Do I have to control and access indices in lists of widgets and move them from their layouts and to another one? Can a QLayout of some sort help me?

thanks for the help

Chicken Blood Machine
31st August 2006, 19:04
Have you thought of using a QTable/QTableView? You can place any widgets you like in the cells of a table and it automatically has support for column and row dragging.