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8th October 2010, 19:25

- We're seeking for programmers to replace our actual cross-platformed framework (Mac and Windows) with Qt-based one. It's much more piece / individual/specific job rather than applying of standard Qt templates / technologies.

- Our project is about a million lines of code. We can't port to Qt "directly" because it would require from porting programmers all knowledges of app's specifics - it could be a work for year(s).

- Thus we plan Qt as a "wrapper" around our classes. In other words our goal is to replace framework but not app that uses it. If you are interested more we need to sent you few sources examples to show what do we want. We realize you cannot use these few sources in any commercial purposes, but nevertheless thse files are confidential info. Please confirm you understand this well.

- Let us explain a bit more. We've have received many letters that contain: "We're Qt professionals with long experience .." Please don't misunderstand, we've no doubt these words are really true. But Qt experience is not the only thing the job requires. It is just as important that the candidate learn our project's specifics and be familiar with the details of our large, complex application. Unfortunately, this is a huge obstacle for most candidates. They view the job as "turn the crank on Qt conversion" and become frustrated when they learn that are goals are more sophisticated. In summary: we are seeking a talented individual for a series of jobs, this one is the first. Learning the details of our application and gaining an understanding of its GUI and workflow is part of the job and must be taken into account when estimating the amount of time required to complete it. We will provide a mechanism to develop in the context of our app, but for the Mac platform only (It is an Xcode project). Please don't be under the illusion you can simply develop in QtCreator. If you take into account all that was said above - welcome.


Tom & Co.

9th October 2010, 00:51
Can you provide more details like the companies name, product, etc?

20th October 2010, 01:24
Hi Tom & Co,

I am interested to know more about this project. Can you please send me a contact email so that we can exchange information.
My email is devpatel82@gmail.com