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9th October 2010, 09:55
With the Download & Run function of Supervivi, we can download the 2440test program‟‟ via USB without the use of parallel port or JTAG board. Take the following steps:
1. Connect the power source, serial port line, USB Cable to the board, set the S2 to the Nor Flash, run the Hyper-terminal and DNW program. Power up the board.
2. Check the connections. As shown in the picture below, [USB: OK] means that USB driver has been installed and USB is connected, [COM: x] means that the serial port is not connected.

Connect the JTAG board to the JTAG interface on the MINI2440 board, and the serial port line to the serial port. Power-up the board, open the H-JTAG program:Copy the directory 2440test in the program codein the CD to another directory in the hard‟‟‟‟ disk (D:\work in this example), remove the read-only attribute. Then run the ADS1.2 program, click File->Open... and open the file 2440test.mcp,
Click the menu Project->Debug or Press the F5 key to start compiling the 2440test project.‟‟ After compiling the AXD Debugger automatically runs and downloads the 2440test.axf image to the memory via JTAG interface

9th October 2010, 09:56
mini2440v2 with 3.5'',embedded board,SBC