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1st September 2006, 12:19
Hi everybody,

I'm developing an application using visual c++6 & qt3 and I'm having a really woried compilation error.

c:\qt\3.1.1\include\qstring.h(289) : error C2248: 'ucs' : cannot access private member declared in class 'QChar'
c:\qt\3.1.1\include\qstring.h(225) : see declaration of 'ucs'

Has anybody seen this before?

Thanks for helping me.

1st September 2006, 14:26
Is that the first error message?

1st September 2006, 15:38
Yes, it's the first message error and I have the same error message repeated 100 times.

1st September 2006, 15:55
Here's (http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2002-09/thread00958-0.html) a similar problem, but I'm not sure if it has been solved.

1st September 2006, 16:37
I already had installed the service pack 6. And now I have installed th service pack 5 and it works fine.

Thanks a lot :).