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15th October 2010, 19:34
Hi all,

I have been brainwashed this past Qt Dev days, and thought using QML would be great for a prototype I'm working on.

I have to admit, I'm stumbling a bit. One simple thing that I haven't been able to achieve is to format the current date properly, using a "longDate" formatting.

I've tried the JavaScript calls, which QML does not seem to recognize. I have tried QMLs native Qt.formatDate function, which does not show up in my Creator's AutoComplete (maybe the documentation reflects something else than the 4.7.0 version I have)?

How do I do it?

Qt version: 4.7.0
Creator version: 2.0

16th October 2010, 23:48
Show us some code.

18th October 2010, 10:02
You are right of course, but I've already trashed it. I'll re-write my code using GraphicsView