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16th October 2010, 14:45

I am trying to link a library to Qt creator (http://www.ambiera.com/irrklang/). I have already added the .h files to the Qt directory. I have also added the path where the .lib file is to the .pro file using the following syntax:

LIBS += \

After this procedure, Qt won't compile giving the following error:

undefined reference to `_imp___ZN8irrklang20createIrrKlangDeviceENS_21E_S OUND_OUTPUT_DRIVEREiPKcS2_'

Any idea what is missing?

Thank you

16th October 2010, 16:28
Not a real expert with Windows here, but doesn't QMake expect paths to always use a forward slash as a delimiter?

The error indicates that your library isn't being found.

16th October 2010, 17:28
...and if your real path has spaces you have to use $$quote().

17th October 2010, 12:19
It seems that the library is linked properly,but you are using some function which is not defined.I think you are linking an old version of the mentioned library ,but the included header is from the latest version.and thats y you didnot get any compilation error.