View Full Version : QML dropshadow, how to enable it?

31st October 2010, 11:25
Hi I was trying to enable the drop shadow effect applying it to a rectangle but it seems they took out DROP SHADOW from 4.7 due to performance issues. They did say however I can re-enable it by doing the following:
> qmlRegisterType<QGraphicsDropShadowEffect>("Effects",1,0,"DropShadow");

then I tried

import Effects 1.0
note: Effects doesn't have a space in it like the above text shows
but this doesn't work.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

The thread on why they took it out is here: http://lists.trolltech.com/pipermail/qt-qml/2010-April/000228.html

2nd November 2010, 22:21
Could you explain what "doesn't work" means?