View Full Version : I'm getting frustrated with the designer.

8th September 2006, 22:24
I want to puta lot of groupboxes and buttons etc. in the left hand side of the mainwindow, and the rest should be used for a graphicsview that should change size accordingly.
But how the heck do I do this?
If anyone would care to suggest an order in which I should add components, please tell me.
Let's make the left part consist of only a pushbutton and two groupboxes containing a push buton each, the right part should be a graphicsview.

8th September 2006, 23:10
Just drag QGraphicsView, group boxes and buttons onto your form, set layouts for group boxes and then click "Lay Out in a Grid".

I use 4.2.0-snapshot-20060830 and IIRC QGraphicsView might not be available in Qt Designer in earlier snapshots.

12th September 2006, 15:08

First add group boxes and push buttons on the left side, and be sure that the size policy for this components, is "minimum". Lay them out vertically. Then add a frame for the graphic side to the right, and be sure to use as size policy "expanding".

Lay out every thing in a grid. That should work. I'm using Qt designer 3.3.4, but this should work in any 3.x version.

If you need the files for this example, let me know.