View Full Version : Problem with signal handlers

11th November 2010, 07:57
I am trying to animate different components when I listem for onClicked() signal of mouse area. In the signal handler, I am trying to use if/else statements to check for something and depending on that I need to run parallel animations on selected components. But, When I wrote my signal handler, I am getting syntax errors with braces saying that "Expected token ;"

onClicked: {
current = index;
SequentialAnimation {
PropertyAnimation { target: window1; property: "opacity"; to: !index; duration: 500 }
PropertyAnimation { target: window1Rotation; property: "angle"; to: 360; duration: 1000 } PropertyAnimation { target: window2; property: "opacity"; to: index; duration: 500 }
PropertyAnimation { target: window2Rotation; property: "angle"; to: 360; duration: 1000 }

In the above code snippet, I am assigning index to current variable and trying to do some animations. But, i am getting syntax error here.

Any pointers would help..