View Full Version : Problem making a standalone qml app.

18th November 2010, 20:36
First of all, Hi to everybody, i'm Guglielmo.
I'm trying to make, as said, a standalone qml application ( is a simple widget) on windows. I've rebuilt the whole qt library , both the 2010.05 release in the SDK package and the latest via GIT, with "configure -static -release- no-s60 -no-exceptions" and then "mingw32-make sub-src". The problem is that, in qt creator 2.1 Beta, the app builds and runs fine, but when i start the .exe file in the build directory from explorer, it just appears a big white window and i just can't do anything. I really don't know what to do, and is quite frustrating frankly!
Any ideas to make this app work standalone?

P.S. I've edited the mkspecs file of course.
Thanks in advance!

22nd November 2010, 21:19
Are you embedding the qml in a executable and it's showing white? If so, you are probably not initialising the Qml engine correctly, can't find the Qml file, or the Qml file contains errors.

If you are trying to make a standalone Qml file by itself, you will need to embed it in Qt Quick for it to be standalone. You could also embed the Qml file into the resource file and do it that help more with standalone.

Btw you shouldn't be editting the mkspec files.

23rd November 2010, 16:06
Exactly is showing white. I don't think that the file contains errors as it works perfectly in qt creator. How can i Do all those thinks you said? E.g. Initialise qml engine , embed qml in the standalone app, etc?

27th November 2010, 00:25
How do you load the qml file into your application? Please show us the code.