View Full Version : Compiling on different platforms

25th January 2006, 23:00
Hi, I'm new to QT and attempting to make a cross platform project. I have coded something on windows and am now trying to compile it on mac. Does any one know the correct steps to do this? I am creating a .pri file through visual studio, then transferring all files to the mac, running qmake -project, qmake, then opening up xcode and trying to compile. What am I doing wrong? It gets as far as linking then isn't happy. Thanks! (Using QT4.1 on both platforms)

25th January 2006, 23:09
1. The file should be ".pro" not ".pri"
2. You don't need to do qmake -project, just copy your .pro file from Windows

If you don't use any compiler dependent code and all needed libraries are present on the target system, everything should compile and link. If it doesn't, please provide the error messages so that we can take a look at them.