View Full Version : changing the order in which you display items in a gridview

8th December 2010, 09:21

I'm using a gridview in QML which is being populated by a QList in C++ code.

Currently I have it displayed 2 items per row in QML.


If i were to add another tiem it would add it like this:


is it possible to change the order in which you display/populate a gridview so I can add the items to the front so it will do the following:
For example:
Add 1 item it would look like this:
add another item ti would look like this:

Add another item:


8th December 2010, 09:46
It is your decision where you add items to the model.

28th October 2016, 11:12
when i add a item to the index 0 of a gridView, {the newly added item comes to the top of the view hierarchy,can i somehow restrict it to the bottom, just like it stayed in the beginning}