View Full Version : Use QTableWidget or QTreeWidget for show a listview control?

9th December 2010, 11:40
Hi all,

I'm a Windows programmer but I'm new to Qt programming and I still know how to use the various widgets for my purpose. I need to show a control with columns. In Windows programming this is a native control called "listview" but for have a similat control in Qt 4 what widgets is better to use? In the beginning I started to use QTableView since it seem to me the most similar control but now I'm starting to think that laso QtreeWidgets could be a good candidate.

Can you give me a suggestion regarding the best way to follow?

Thank you

9th December 2010, 14:09
It could be. Depends on what you want exactly.

9th December 2010, 21:11
I want a component showing items with columns, exactly as the Windows native control called ListView...

9th December 2010, 22:10
I think QTreeView/QTreeWidget will best suit your needs.