View Full Version : Why will my QMainWindow not minimize properly?

18th September 2006, 20:38
I am creating a QMainWindow with no parameters and setting an interface up inside it with the code built by the uic-tool. The window and interface work as they should except one thing - clicking the minimize button will not minimize it properly but just resize it to a small portion of the title bar and positioning it in the lower left of my desktop. This is a standard main window built in the Designer and has had no parameters except its title changed.

How do I resolve this? I am using the pre-built Qt 4.1.4 Open Source package under Windows XP SP2.

20th September 2006, 17:04
Are you sure that you've created QMainWindow object? Check in Object Inspector if it's class name is QMainWindow and not QDialog (and propably it is QDialog).

20th September 2006, 19:38
Thanks, I was able to correct it. I did have a QMainWindow and when I rewrote my code I saw that my interface class also inherited QMainWindow, which caused the problem. Probably a common beginner mistake when building your first Qt code from examples in the documents.