View Full Version : Qt .qrc ressources showing on Windows 7 but not on Windows XP

18th December 2010, 00:25
Hi there,

I just don't know how to fix that... I have a Program based on QWizard with several QWizardPages. Within the pages images (.jpg) are shown which are loaded using the ressource management from Qt. On Windows 7 (my development machine) everything runs fine, on Windows XP the wizard style is completely different ( but thats ok) and not one image is shown. How can that be? I tested it on two Windows 7 Machines and one Windows XP.

Are there additional libraries needed for loading ressources? How can i check if the ressources are loaded/compiled correctly? How can windows xp behave that different from windows 7?

I'll be really really thankful for any help,

8th February 2011, 10:53
I got nearly the same problem.
I developed a wizard on winXP with a banner image at the top. On winXP everything is fine, but on win7 the banner is not shown.
And i don't know why.
I already testet my programm on another winXP computer and there ist also everything fine.

I'm using the QT version 4.6.0

Did you solve the problem?