View Full Version : modern blurry traslucent effect... it is possible on QT?

18th December 2010, 00:47
Hi !
(first off... sorry for my poor english)

modern Windows apps (Chrome, Office, Firefox 4...) looks great because of their blurry traslucent effect... (see screenshots).



it is possible to achieve this on Qt?
I know how to get traslucent windows on Qt... (WA_TranslucentBackground)... and combine it with stylesheet traslucent gradients... but this is not the same thing (no blur effect... no windows native traslucent look).
QGraphicsBlurEffect only blur the widget... not the traslucent desktop background...
I think that maybe with a nasty trick it could be possible (grabbing the desktop background and blurrying it)... but that sounds horrible.

I guess that those modern apps are not using "nastry tricks"... I bet that now Windows api offers this feature.


So far QT was top notch as a modern GUI designer... adopting early modern techniques (like qstylesheet)...
but lately I see focused mostly on nokia sdk (qt mobility, qt quick , etc) and not in desktop new features...

18th December 2010, 00:55
The key is to use the Windows native API to do this. Otherwise you'll be just emulating the same look and feel and it's likely it will look different, especially when someone has Aero UI disabled.

18th December 2010, 01:09
i found this