View Full Version : need help in installing Qt Mobility 1.1.0

31st December 2010, 16:43

I am having problems in installing QtMobility 1.1.0. Here is the link http://rapidshare.com/files/440103701/installing-qtmobility.avi
for a video in which i install QtMobility 1.1.0. Please watch it and tell me where am I making mistake. Or where are the errors and how can i solve it.

And here is the link http://rapidshare.com/files/440105414/afterInstalling.avi of a video after installing QtMobility 1.1.0 and testing it in QtCreator

Please Help

2nd January 2011, 11:02
Please try describing your problem instead of posting links to a 3rd party site, especially if they require you to wait to see the actual content. Downloading few hundred megabytes is no fun either. This is annoying and is very likely to discourage people from trying to help you.