View Full Version : Create binaries from QSA

24th September 2006, 11:03

I am working on an application, but would like to give other users the opportunity to create their own tools (plugins) and add them to the application. Since there might be some commercial aspects to the project, I do not want to give them the burdon of bothering about QT licensing. QSA would be a nice solution for this. It seems to me it would be beneficial if plugins could be developed using QSA (using my input/output - display - ... functionalities) and compiled to a library which can then be detected by the main program. Other roads are also possible, but for all of them would it would be nice to be able to compile a QSA script to a DLL or EXE. Is there a possiblity to do this ?

28th September 2006, 07:31
I would have to say no. The idea of QSA is to allow the users to create scripts - not plugins. But building an application that locates all scrips in a directory and uses them as "plugins" would not be a problem. That is probably the way to do it.

30th September 2006, 11:10
Thank you for this information. I am consulting with Trolltech now, since I'm afraid I also need more functionality than QSA can provide. QSA indeed does not seem able to provide enough to make high performance plugins.