View Full Version : do Qt4 installation depends on gcc version

27th September 2006, 04:25
i am trying to install qt4.1.1, qt4.1.2.(3) on Fc4 machine have gnu gcc 4.0.0 cmpiler but it issues a error stating undefined symbol and unqualified variables in some gui classes. Exact error i donot remember currently. Also if i again do make n same set it passes throuh that file and give issues while linking files. I couldn't think source of error.

I have already done installation from same download on one machine(P4) but on this celeron box this is not happening.As per my knowledge architecture should not conflict with installation.


27th September 2006, 07:05
It could be any number of things... for example missing x11-devel files or such.

27th September 2006, 08:48
Can we see the errors?

3rd October 2006, 06:14
i am very sorry because i willnot be able to reproduce the errors as my fedora installation has gone bad.
what i remember is first it has got compilation errors with qlayout classs later linking issues.