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27th September 2006, 21:41
I'm having a bit of a problem updating my application (I'm working in Mac OSX). I'm generating both a unix executable and a Mac app. The unix executable is updated after compilation but the Mac app is not. For instance, when I add a button to my filemenu, it shows in the unix executable but not in the app.

I've tried running make clean, rebuilding through qmake myPro.pro... I tried removing the app because I thought a new one would be generated by qmake but that didn't work. The changed date remains the same for my Mac app while it changes for the unix executable.

This is troublesome because I can't access the file menu when running the unix executable. This is really the only reason why I need a working Mac app.

I've tried also tried compiling everything without the CONFIG -= app_bundle line in the pro file, but that didn't help.

This is my pro file:


QT += opengl

TARGET = glcviewer
CONFIG += qt debug build_all

macx {
CONFIG -= app_bundle

win32 {

CONFIG += console

LIBS += -L"$$(GLC_LIB_DIR)/lib" -lGLC_lib0

INCLUDEPATH += "$$(GLC_LIB_DIR)/include"


unix {

LIBS += -lGLC_lib

INCLUDEPATH += "/usr/include/GLC_lib"


win32:RC_FILE = glcviewer.rc

# Input

FORMS = testdialog.ui

HEADERS += glwidget.h mainwindow.h testdialog.h include/Endian.h include/Levelset3D.h include/glcamera.h include/glmodel.h

SOURCES += glwidget.cpp main.cpp mainwindow.cpp testdialog.cpp Levelset3D.cpp glcamera.cpp glmodel.cpp

RESOURCES += application.qrc

CCFLAGS = -fpermissive

Any ideas?

28th September 2006, 06:24
What do you mean that qmake does not update your app? qmake does anything at all only if you modify the project file. The rest is handled by make. Maybe the makefile is incorrect? Did you try deleting it explicitely and calling qmake to regenerate it?