View Full Version : How to use the TEXT_BROWER to setfocus on the target text?

10th February 2011, 12:46
I use the TEXT_BROWER to show the rich text of html.But there is no anchor in the html.I have to setfocus on the selected text .So how to solve it?
Do I need to use the find function and write a class by myself?Please give some tips.Thx.

10th February 2011, 20:55
Hmm... but seriously, what are you talking about?

11th February 2011, 04:04
I want to make a test program that there is a lot of questions you need to answer.The questions is in the html file.I want to make that : if you answer the no.1 question, then the question id moved next when you finished the answer.I use the text_browser to echo the html.But I don't know how to move the id automatically.

11th February 2011, 09:11
What is TEXT_BROWSER? What is 'id'? What do you mean 'move' it? And where? You wish to scroll the view to the beginning of the next question that is displayed in a QTextBrowser? If so then what's the problem?