View Full Version : problem with qml + webkit deployment

10th February 2011, 16:31
Hi. I have a small problem.
I've created small app. One class inherited from qdeclarativeview with qml files.
And I use webview to show htm files (local).
I've imported qt webkit 1.0.
The problem is - everything works fine in creator. Even when I launch main.qml from qmlviewer all is good. but release version of the app shows nothing. Like some error is in code but I can't get this error.
Could you help me with it?

10th February 2011, 16:50
Is the application working directory OK?

10th February 2011, 16:52
Hmm, what do you mean?

11th February 2011, 16:12
Maybe, when you start your app as .exe, the working dir is not set and that's why the webview cannot find your html -> you get blank screen

14th February 2011, 08:16
Did you include QWebkit4.lib to your exe file? if your problem shows up at target machine check wheter you've included qmlwebkitplugin in your installer

10th June 2011, 11:39
Now I have the same problem with tereks....
I think the cause is not as what laszlo.gosztola said,
because even if I only add the line "import QtWebKit 1.0" in a
runnable release version program, the program turns to show
nothing(though it is running).

And I want to know how to include qmlwebkitplugin in my installer...