View Full Version : [ANN]QtitanRibbon beta1 has been released!

12th February 2011, 10:30
The Beta1 version of QtitanRibbon1.0 has been released and beta-testers are very welcome. QtitanRibbon Beta for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is available in the Download section of the site - http://www.devmachines.com. To download the software, please register first.

3rd March 2011, 19:18
QtitanRibbon 1.0 has been released. This component implements the concept of Microsoft Ribbon UI for Nokia's Qt. Component is made with strict adherence to Ribbon UI specification from Microsoft. The QtitanRibbon product allows you to quickly implement the concept of Ribbon UI in your application for three platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. To learn more about this component, follow this link - http://www.devmachines.com/products/qtitanribbon.html