View Full Version : Saving Text and Images as a file

15th February 2011, 08:27
Hi, I am using QT 4.7. I am trying to save a file which contains some texts and also images. I can save as a html and retireve it. Even i can save it as a ODF format. But i cant open it again.Is the any other way to save a file which contains text and images and retrieve it ????????????:confused::confused::confused:

15th February 2011, 08:32
Do you need, that the file is usable outside your application? If not you can simply push all data in a file using QDataStream.

15th February 2011, 10:15
No no. I need to open that file inside the textEdit area..

Added after 1 38 minutes:

Its like saving a file which contains text,images and some html contents have to be saved . And i need to open the same file in the TextEdit..:(